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About Traunt!

Traunt is an old, archaic, English word that is no longer found in the dictionary.  However, when it was in use, it meant to sell...

Traunt (archaic) Definition 

Traunt - verb
Traunt means to sell, or resell...

Old Dictionary Definition:
"Traunt."  Same as Trant.
"Trant."  To traffic in an itinerary manner; to peddle.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary.  1913. C. & G. Merriam Co.
Retrieved 6th of December, 2015 from...


Still other definitions from the turn of the 20th century include:

To walk; go about.
To turn; play a trick.


To peddle in an itinerary fashion, such as in selling door-to-door, or cold calling by checking the phone numbers in a directory with a sales script.  Could also be applied to direct online marketing, in a broader sense, when a sales person has an itinerary, or a list, of contacts to hit.

The Brand Name Domain is For Sale

The domain name itself is for sale.  I had plans for it, but so many other projects are keeping me busy that I have decided I would entertain any offers.

With only 6 letters, the domain offers a pronouncable word that used to reside in the dictionary, so anyone who speaks English should be able to easily communicate it with simple pronunciation, and communicate it effectively.

What could you do with

Resell the worldwide web. As just one example, you could sell vital internet business services including domain name registrations and transfers as a W3 Domain Names reseller. 

In a way, that's how you have to start any business, you visit with your family, your friends, local businesses and organizations. Then, the way I built-up my domain business was to use the very object that I was selling as a stepping stone, I slowly created brands out of the domain names in my portfolio, and as I develop each brand it points back to my businesses.

Each of these brands are for sale as a premium domain name, sold at a premium price, as well. I have sold domains for a few hundred dollars to over a couple thousand. I still have domains that are worth tens of thousands. And with age, these developed brand names will only grow in value.

I was lucky, I started out as a web designer. I love designing websites. But I always offered my clients choices and through no fault of their own and simply because they lack any sort of an art background or education, they invariably always made the worst choice. This had become especially frustrating since I was producing a lot of work that I didn't even want in my own portfolio. But as I was designing and developing websites, my domain name registration/transfer and web hosting businesses grew and flourished. As my efforts as a registrar and web host gained success, I started working for myself as a domainer, more and more.

Unfortunately, it depends on the market I am attacking on how I approach my marketing, so my methods are not all that easy to describe, though they commonly center around my domaining abilities. Domaining is the ability to speculate and invest in domain names as brands and generic keyword names that can generate traffic. Since I was a reputable web designer I was always already managing names and brands. I was (and continue to) administrating and leading several web design groups seeking to better their skills, such as the Web Design And Development Group. This gave me a jumping off point to market my services, though I was apprehensive to do so at first.

But it is exceedingly hard to market to web professionals. You are primarily limited, as many of these guys will have their own solutions. Others may already be loyal to a service. But if you can demonstrate professionalism in your leadership through the groups, you will win over a few of your peers and gain a customer base.

Still, that is merely how I started out. I marketed to pros as Domain Hostmaster because I was already there amongst them. But that success was actually a fluke. Webmasters, designers, developers, search optimizers and online marketers all understand how inexpensive domain sales and web hosting services can be while still expecting the very best services available on the planet. I can't really do any successful marketing or run experimental advertising campaigns because the profit level is so low in the "online professional" sectior. So, now I am attacking other markets because the investment in marketing to produce results can be significant, but the rewards can be equally as significant. Enter Site Domains Name Registrar and Site Host into the game, where any newbie can find easy-to-use control panels, site builders and even order custom website design by professionals.

And it really is as simple as signing-up at WorldWide Web Domain Names and Internet Business Services, setting-up your account, configuring your turn-key webstore with the products you want to carry at your preferred price point. You shoul purchase your own domain name from your own store, then setup a site (or a few, as I did) to promote the webstore.  

Every W3 Domain Names Reseller account gets advertising credits to help get them going. There are also special coupons and discounts that you can use to promote your service, to sweeten the deal to discount shoppers. You might want to promote your site in the search engines and major directories, as well.

I can tell you that if you like to stay home with the kids and work from home, this is a sweet life. It does take work, this is no way to skate on life, it simply can afford you the opportunities to enjoy the promotion, PR, marketing and advertising skills we all have and some of us are gifted at. If that kind of life, constantly reselling your services, does not seem appealing, don't even sign-up at WorldWide Web Domain Names and Internet Business Services, it won't be worth it.  

Though I cannot lead everyone by the hand in this endevour (though I would love to if I could), I would be happy to help with questions and the like. Just join my Domainer group on Google groups or in Google+ Communities.

I'd also welcome the chance to design websites for you, should you require professional web design services. If so, contact Doug Peters.

Most of us have our forums, social networks, groups and clubs that we are vital members of, actively particpating in. These are great starting points for introducing your services as your fellow members and networkers look for these same services for their business. This is a great opportunity and I cannot market to everyone. Of course, your success will be dependant upon how much work you put into such a project, so traunt!

Although the word traunt has fallen out of use and become an archaic term, it is essentially what I do, setup websites to function as little 24 hour-a-day salesmen which promote my services. I love the word, so I bought the domain name. I put it to use, I will now promote it a bit and then move on to my next website, and eventually I will be in front of everyone's path as I traunt the web.

Resell the web! Traunt!



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